Lessons in a day

Alhamdulillah,today I learnt 3 things
and I would like to share with you all:

1.Help yourself by helping others-
The Prophet Muhammad (salallahu
alaihi wa sallam)said, “Whoever
relieves a believer of a hardship from
the hardships of this world, then Allah
will relieve him of a hardship from the
hardships of the Day of Resurrection… Allah is helping the servant as long as
the servant is helping his brother,

[Hadith Tirmidhi /Muslim].

Helping others doesn’t have to consist
of anything grand. Even a smile is
sadaqah.Removing a harmful thing
from the road is sadaqah. Speaking
gentle words to someone in distress,or
feeding a meal to someone who is hungry, or making a donation to help
an orphan… or donating blood, or
working a few hours a month for a
charity, or visiting someone who is
sick… all those things are valuable.
They are not nothing. They are important and worthwhile acts.

I really understood that today.In the
process of explaining and consoling
someone,I received happiness I cannot

2.Bond of sisterhood:
I understood how Islam can unite
people-2 strangers so to say,in the
bond of sisterhood or
brotherhood.How you wish to help
each other and want the best for the
other,Allahu Akbar!

Only Islam,i repeat,only Islam can do that..when you
love and care for someone for Allah’s

Prophet (peace
and blessings of Allah be upon him)
said :”None of you will believe until you
love for your brother what you love
for yourself.”
Related by Bukhari &

3.A dawah experience- How arrogant a human being can be to
just listen to the message !
You may have a strong worldly bond
with that person but in the end
Alhamdulillah,faith is victorious!

How insignificant we are and how we
are in need of Allaah and Allaah does
not need us. That we are just one
person who is a in a city, which is in a
country, which is in a continent which is on a planet, what is in
the milky way, which is amongst an abundance of galaxies and Allaah is
the creator of ALL of that- which just
shows in reality we are just a speck
within a speck within a speck within a
speck !

We’re all weak, SubhanAllaah and Allah
is Powerful.

May Allaah protect us from kibr and
give us the tawfique to be grateful to
Allaah and worship Him Alone.Aameen