Hijab story

It all started with a train journey..
I starting thinking about Allah.. Lying on the uppermost bunk,I
thought: “What if I start wearing an abaya?”
(No one had forced me,I wasnt going
to any Islamic class,no one in my
paternal side wore an abaya,I did not
have a Muslim friends group so it wasnt
any external cause) I prayed,I said:
“If I start wearing abaya,there will be a
lot of criticism..friends..society..peer
pressure..” So many desires to give up..
Huh ! 14 year old after all.. Then I do not know how or why..it just
seemed that I was sharing
something..my thoughts.. with my
Creator and making dua. A “deal” perhaps..something a 14 year
old would do..
“If I do this,then would you pls do that
for me?” If I start wearing an Abaya..(when I
said that I did not mean wearing it at
some places and removing at others
according to my whims and fancies nor
did I think it was a trial..Allah’s Mercy) I knew I would feel hot,
I knew there would be criticism,
I knew both sides.. If I start wearing,please give me
success in everything..in studies,relatio
nships and..(dont remember what else
I asked for). And after I returned to
Kolkata,Alhamdulillah,Allah gave me
the courage to wear it the 1st day after
school reopened after summer
vacation.. Ever since Alhamdulillah,Ihave not
regretted taking that decision..
The deal was fulfilled.. Allah gives you what you want when
you do what Allah has commanded
you to do. Today,I feel so proud to be a
Hijabi…even though I might be the only
one in a group or team-sports,aca
demics,gatherings.any where. I feel happy and I am grateful to Allah
that He made me choose obeying Him
over obeying my desires..
Mercy from Allah,only He can Help and
make you overcome the hesitation. Today so many things that I want to do
or think of doing,being a Hijabi,a
Muslimah gives me the confidence..that
Allah’s Mercy is on me and I have
nothing to fear. The feeling is beautiful..
It may “just be a piece of cloth”,
but once you start wearing it with the
correct intention,you are transformed.. You feel like you’ve become a power
ranger from being a normal human,
or spiderman from being Peter Parker. That “piece of cloth” reminds me that
I’m not a slave of my desires but a slave
of the Creator,Allah. That “piece of cloth” reminds me that
I’m not just a body for display and
show-off but a dignified and precious
being like a pearl in a shell. That “piece of cloth” reminds me that
I’m not a slave of men but a slave of the
Lord of men. That “piece of cloth” reminds me that I
am not to get carried away by anything
and everything.. It reminds me that I have a soul,that I
will be held accountable..rewarded
tenfold or more for every good and
punished one-fold for every evil. It reminds me that I have a purpose..a
mission in life. Alhamdulillah,I’m just a human being,a
slave of All-Mighty Allah and it is not
within my power,control or ability to do
good,to obey Allah..
It is Allah alone,who is Most
Merciful ,who Helps. I love my Hijab.
May Allah Help us to be consistent and
to do it for His Sake.Aameen.

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