Dua of a youth

O Allah,I want to spend my
youth&entire life worshipng You to the
best way possible so that You are
Pleased with me and also I can be
under the Shade of Your Throne on the
Last Day & to encourage other young people . Ya Allah,I’m trying to make a difference
everywhere I go,in everyone I meet,to
help others realize their potential..so
that when You question me I can say ‘I
tried,my Rabb’.. I pray to You,O Allah, to bless me with a
righteous spouse with whom I can do
more for Your Deen to please You. I pray to You,Allah that may You
produce righteous servants from my
parents generation who worship You
and spread Your Deen.. O Allah,I want to help
humanity&remindthem of Your Favors
upon us all.. I want to help all Muslims&non-Mus
lims,to be aware of our duties to
Deen&submittingto Your Will..
I thank You,Allah for all the blessings-
making me a muslim by birth&among
Muhammad pbuh ummah&for wonderful parents,Burooj and
teachers,who have played a big role in
making me proud of my identity as a
Muslimah. May Allah bless & reward all the people
who have made a difference to my
life.Aameen. Subhanallah! Alhamdulillah!
Allahu Akbar!

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