Reading so many posts and hearing the news my dada’s watching,I remembered the time when I was a crazy cricket lover and I was a Pakistan team fan ( I still love the game but no longer following any team. ) (7 years back )

Allahu Akbar ! Wouldnt miss any test match even..Learning all the records…I remember writing an essay in class 7 or 8 and getting the highest in a test because I remembered the stats. Allahu Akbar !

Spending time online watching highlights and records.

I think of all the time I wasted,the resources of net,intelligenc e.. May Allah Forgive me.Ameen

I love the game and in high school and College,represe nted as vice captain and captain respectively of the team,Alhamdulil lah.

Cricket is awesome but what I dont like is the match fixing,the bollywood involvement..It is a beautiful game but getting corrupted.

Watching Don Bradman,Smith,H azare,Kardar,Fa zal Mahmud,Viv Richards and others beautiful !

I feel sad sometimes but Never mind..there are many important issues that need attention..!


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