Changing world

My thoughts

“I WANT to CHANGE the WORLD !” Very often,we the youth want to bring


we want to bring Peace,

we want to Change everything bad

around us. This is the “josh”,

the “jazba”,

the “high” ,you get after attending a

Halaqa or hearing Khutbahs. I realized something:

# Before you bring change

“Outside”,bringchange “Inside”. It means:

1)You change “Yourself” for the better

before you change the “World” for the


2)Before you go out and Change

“People Outside”,make an effort to do the same “Inside your homes”. # Before you think of Changing the

World,the Global Situation by giving

“Khutbahs on Youtube”,

Start with your “Mobile phone”. Alhamdulillah,it is so easy now-make

groups on Whatsapp,Viber,

WeChat,facebook, Not for silly “Confessions” but To

“Share and Discuss Ideas” that will


BIG,IN SHA ALLAH! Use the social networking sites to help

people closest to you.

That is better.

It will work better,In sha Allah.

Coz you know them well,love and care

for them. That’s a “Training” for the higher goal-

the Ummah. THINK GLOBAL,ACT LOCAL. Start with who you are and what you

have. In sha Allah,with Allahs Help you will be

successful. Do not be Impatient and Lazy.

It is going to be a long process but if

you do it to Please Allah,

It will be a Different Outcome,In sha

Allah. Put Tawakkul in Allah. Remember no one can harm or benefit

you except by Allahs Will. Do what Pleases Him and what pleases

you will happen,in sha Allah


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