Sh.Yasir Qadhi:
You will not be asked about the change
you brought to a nation or the global
Did you change YOURSELF? The whole world will judge you based
on Result even if its a Year or a Minute
you have taken to accomplish
something, Only Allah will judge you based on your
Efforts,Not on the material success of
efforts. Suppose you couldnt change the
nation,you couldnt change the crisis of
the world,You couldnt bring Peace.
You will not be asked about that
because its beyond your Control. But you will Definitely be asked about
>What you did about your
talent,time,energy,your so-called
influence? >What can you do to bring change in
your family,friends,neighbourhood,w
orkplace,YOURSELF? Work Within Your Sphere of Influence
and change Will come in society. Dont think that your light/torch/candle
is not enough to light the big world.All
of us Together can bring the light that
will make the world shine. Each of us has a circle of influence,a
unique role to play in the Ummah which
NO ONE else can play. I have a role to play,YOU have a role to
The RICH have a role to play,the POOR
have a role to play.
The Talent in any field has a role to play. Understand that ALLAH created you
differently so that each of you could
benefit from the other. Our Religion,Wallahi is a SIMPLE
Do what you CAN to spread it to others
so that they are also benefitted.. You know what?Even if you dont
change the world,you dont see the
effects of that change..
Atleast by changing yourself,you have
saved yourself from Allah’s Punishment
and leaving the world a bit better. Do your job and leave,
The consequence is none of your
business. Make sure you lead a righteous life.
Make sure you live an exemplary life.
Be a role model for family,friends,
relatives and the society. Remember we are going to be
witnesses over humanity.. >Worship One True God
>Be Religious.
>Spread the Word. If they believe,you have done your job.
If they dont believe,you have still done
your job. We Muslims are the last remnants of
true religiousity on Earth.
If we dont live upto that,we will not be
able to deliver to humanity.


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