Be prepared

Someone told me once,
“When you’re doing something
good,do not think about what people say..positive or negative.
Rather think about the greatness of the work you are doing…dont let the criticism affect you.”

Be prepared.
Be prepared for the Thorns that will lead to the Roses.

Be prepared for the Dirt that will lead to the Diamonds.

Be prepared for the Rain that will lead to the Rainbow.

Be prepared for the Storms that will lead you to your Destination.

If you want to make a difference,
If you want to change lives,
If you want to help humanity,

You will face hardships,
You will face criticism.
People will try to make life Hell for you.

The struggle starts with:

Yourself first-
your mind will tell you,
why be different?
Why be unique?
Doing what others are doing is
“convenient”,so let it be,no extra
effort !

Your heart will tell you,why take extra pain and suffering ? Your loved ones will suffer….

‪#‎ Make ‬dua for guidance. Allah will Help you overcome the

Next your loved ones-
they will complain about your
“strange” behaviour,the time you give to the social causes.

They will tell you focus on your studies.

#Make dua for them.
Involve them where possible.

Next your friends-
Yaar,you’re always busy!
You dont spend that much time with us now.

Next your relatives-
Look at her..she or he is suppossed to have fun and Budhape mei to karna hi hai,beta..
Abhi mazey karo!

#Make dua.

Next your society-
Oh! She’s too young..what can she do ?
There are so many problems,
Its so unsafe,
What can one person do?

And then the strangers-
She’s preaching,she’sdoing good.
But how good is she?

Too many problems,right?

You might think of giving up,
You might think why put in so much effort in doing good,overcoming difficulties,facing criticism..

Think about the Destination-Jannah,
Let your motivation and inspiration be Allah’s Pleasure and Jannah.

In sha Allah.

May Allah Help us.