Teaching Surah Feel

Method: story telling

Background Story:
Abraha and Quraish.

1.Fete stalls put up by 2 students.One student has good sale and other upset.So tries to decorate and make it attractive.

This was to make them understand what Abraha wanted.

2.Quraish forced by Abraha.Angry.

Would you like it if your parents or anyone forces you to do something you dont want to do?

3.Elephant Mahmood refuses to fight is a miracle.Abraha’s men try to make him attack Kaba.Fail.

To make it easy,I told them about Bakra Eid..how goats behave when they dont want to do something.

4.Bullets force.Ababeel throwing stones from a distance. Each throw is Targetted.

1.Whenever a prophet is born,a miracle event occurs.

For Musa pbuh,Pharoah ordered killing of boys.Plan failed as Musa pbuh was saved.

For Muhammad pbuh,Abraha tries to attack Kaba.Plan failed.

2.Dua of Abdul Mutallib. Ababeel (flock of birds) throwing stones. Kaba unharmed. Abrahas army destroyed.

3.Dua of Prophet Ibrahim,the builder of Kaba…to keep the city safe. Dua answered.

4.Allah’s Favor upon you,be grateful to Him. If you dont..you will become His enemies and He can destroy you like He destroyed Abraha’s army.

5.Massive army comes to Makkah and no army of Makkans to defend and still enemy destroyed.

6.Plans fail.
*Build church for a reason.Fail.
*Urge Arabs to love it like Kaba.Fail.
*Church defecated on.
*Attack kaba.Fail.

Complete failure.

Allah allowed them to prepare and come to Makkah.Till the end…they thought it was working..
And then everything wasted.

7.Ababeel coming from “Yemen” side..each bird 3 stones,2 in claws and 1 in beak.

Stone hits head and emerges from behind the head.

8.Weightless birds destroyed an army that had 60,000 men and several elephants.

Power and victory from having Allah on our side.Numbers dont matter. Defeat is when forsaken by Allah.

9.Allah protected Kaba for His Messenger pbuh and not Arabs.This Surah is a gift from Allah and to His Messenger pbuh.

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