Negativity and pessimism surrounds us everywhere today. It’s like air we breathe.

Starting your day with the newspaper at the breakfast, headlines
of murder, war, terrorism, domestic abuse, and automobile accidents vie

for your attention.

You end your day with the evening news flashing images of death, destruction,recession and crimes on the TV.

How will I complete my projects in school or work ? How will I manage family,work and Deen all at the same time ?

All these anxieties add up overtime and kill your optimism. It’s easy to get
stuck in the realities of this life,become depressed, and loose sight of the bigger picture.


# Bad times will not last forever:

Allah says,

“For indeed, with hardship comes ease.” (QURAN,94:5)

“…And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him a way out. And will
provide for him from (ways) where he does not expect. And whoever relies
upon Allah – then He is sufficient for him….” (65: 2-3)

# Optimism is the attitude of a

believer (Mumin):

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said,

“Strange is the affair of the Mumin (the believer), verily all his affairs are good for him. If something pleasing befalls him he thanks (Allah) and it becomes better for him. And if something harmful befalls him he is patient (Sabir) and it becomes better for him. And this is only for the Mumin.” [Muslim]

# Positive thinking is the way of

the Prophet:

Prophet Muhammad’s personality was
a fountain of optimism.

The Prophet was optimistic about the state of even his worst enemies. He
was constantly praying for their guidance and asked Allah to
strengthen His Deen with the help of these influential leaders. As a result, Umar ibn al-Khattab, Khalid bin al-Waleed and others embraced Islam.

While the Prophet and Abu Bakr hid in a cave on the way to Madinah, their Makkan pursuers got to the mouth of the cave looking to capture them. At this point, Abu Bakr, turned to the Prophet in anxiety saying that they would be killed if the enemies peeked inside. The Prophet responded to his companion with calm and optimism, as recorded in the Quran,

“Don’t worry. Verily Allah is with us.”

# Prophet Muhammad urged us to spread good news:

“Give glad tidings, and do not scare people away; make things easy, and
do not make things difficult.”

(Abu Dawud)

# Optimism is the legacy of the Companions:

If you read the lives of great Companions of the Prophet, they are
full of examples of positive attitude and focus on the bigger picture.

From Khadija’s profound words of comfort to the Prophet when he was overwhelmed by the first ever revelation, to Aisha’s incredible acts of generosity to the poor despite experiencing pangs of hunger herself,to Jaafer bin Abi Talib and Musab bin Umair’s struggles to present Islam to new, often, hostile communities, to Abdullah ibn Umm Maktum’s commitment to attend prayers in the mosque and making the call to prayer (Adhan) in Madinah despite being blind, to the enslaved Khabbab bin Al- Arat and Bilal ibn Rabah’s public profession of Islamic faith despite the unimaginable cruelty they suffered from their “masters”.

# An optimist is an “achiever” :

As Winston Churchill once aptly described,

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Focus on solutions, not problems. Look for opportunities, not excuses.

A result-driven, positive attitude is the mark of an achiever in this life and in the hereafter.

# An optimist is usually healthier:

Based on numerous scientific studies of optimists and pessimists,it is known that those who are positive about life,usually:

1. live longer

2. have less incidents of depression and

3. are more likely to be content and at

4. are less likely to experience blood
pressure and cardiac problems

5. are more patient and persistent in
difficult times

# An optimist is a “people magnet”.

If you are a positive person, people love to be around you.

You are a good team player and you look for solutions. Employers, co-workers,neighbors, family members, friends,

and volunteers will be attracted to your contagious optimism. People are
naturally attracted to those who offer hope and practical advice.

Allah has given me this life..why not make it a happy one for myself and others ?

We are Muslims,believers in One True God..Remember we have to Act Responsible as we are Accountable..

Allah is Great..this life inspite of being a test,a trial is beautiful..

This is how I live and this is how I’m going to make others around me live..in sha Allah..

This is my intention and my action…the outcome is upto Allah but reward is guaranteed,in sha Allah !

During Good Times:

“Al hamdu lillaahi al-adhee bi-nimatihee tatimmu as-saalihaat.”

(All Praise is for Allah by whose favor good works are accomplished.)

During Times which will lead to Happy times :

“Al hamdu lillaahi alaa kulli haal.”

(All Praise is for Allah in all circumstances.)