Burooj farewell

What a happy day ! Alhamdulillah. Jazakumullahu khairan sisters for the yummy dishes and the gifts. I will miss you all too. What a beautiful journey,3 years as a Burooj student and 2 months as a Burooj teacher,Alhamdulillah.
Allah made Burooj a blessing in my life and I love it. Samina aunty ,may Allah bless you for starting Burooj in central kolkata. Shazia api,may Allah bless you immensely for instilling the love,enthusiasmand passion for Islam. I pray Allah Helps me to spread that. Ameen.
Sisters,a wonderful journey,many precious moments..Alhamdulillah.
As a student starting with Ramadan Zoo skit as Najm 1 and singing and acting in an islamic skit,that too in kala mandir..followed by Eid party..Burooj quiz…leadership day and then the exams..Burooj exams are fun..Alhamdulillah ! Shazia api and everyone telling me to write briefly lol…the projects and assignments ,Shazia api would give us,really fun and interesting ! Oh and unbelievable,last exam as Burooj student and I come first.
As a teacher,I learnt so much in 2 months. The quiz prep,the heroes of islam programme in vidya mandir,that skit where 2 of them had cute beards..shaheerand affan ..and yusuf,my boy ..aww! Oh and the Burooj Carnival-seeingkids and youth write,speak on serious topics,sing nasheed and recite Quran so well…
Love to see the curiosity on the kids faces,ma sha Allah. Enjoy answering their questions esp Amna,Rehan,Anas…,then the excitement and confidence of the class when I suddenly announce a surprise test or an activity. I am amazed,Subhanallah at the talent and intelligence kids today have..ma sha Allah. Today,5 people got full marks,1 2nd,3 3rd,1 4th n 1 5th ! Ma sha Allah ,that too a surprise test of about 6 chapters covered including surahs. May Allah increase their knowledge. Ameen
It gives me great hope,Alhamdulillah that through this platform,we can make kids and youth,agents of positive change in the world..by creating individuals who think,reflect,connect,those who r proud of their identity and will offer the solution of Islam to the world problems.In sha Allah.
May Allah bless and reward the main team and those around the world. Ameen


Exams my view

Exams-something that we all face or give at some point of time in our lives. And we all have one thing in common-we dont want to fail. We dont want to be tagged a failure. We want to pass and be successful.

We prepare for it,if only to pass and avoid failure. At the same time majority want that those who take their exam or give results,they have a good impression of them.

We give exams and we want something in return-success for the immense or average or little hard work we put in.

In case of failure,we often get chances to improve.

Similarly,we should prepare well in this world (an exam). We should keep striving and do good deeds.

At times,we will feel like giving up but we shouldnt. Keep striving.

If we dont prepare then we will get the tag of failure on the result day,The Day of Judgement, and know that we will be tagged eternal failure. No chance of coming back and improve.

On the Day of Judgement too,we would want that the One who took the exams,our Creator,Allah has a good impression of us. For teachers you can appear to be good but remember Allah knows our intentions and what is in our hearts. We cant deceive Him.

As humans,it is natural that we desire success,to be successful and to be rewarded. Allah has sent the manual,the Quran and the Guide book, Sunnah so that we study,understand and implement them and be successful.

We expect returns for hard work and sometimes,in our worldly exams we dont get what we deserve. Know my friend that Allah is Just and He even rewards us for good intention and no doubt ten or more times for acting upon it. We will get reward for an atom weight of good deed we do and punishment for an atom weight of evil deed.

So,let us prepare well and put in our best. Let us keep striving to earn His Pleasure and so that He has a good opinion of us.

Our desire to be successful will be fulfilled when we live the “La ilaha illallah,Muhammadur Rasulullah” in this life and when we will be given the records of our life on the Day of Judgement in our right hands,in sha Allah and be declared as Dwellers of Jannah.

Know my friend,we just have one go at this exam of worldly life.There wont be another chance.Grab the opportunity.Put in your best.Seek His Help. Let us make sure we dont regret on the Result day.

May Allah Help us to realize,understand and live with the reality that this life is temporary and is an exam. May Allah make us of those who prepare well and get a good result on the Judgement Day.Ameen

Marriage and culture

“Marry someone who can help you get to Jannah no matter what race or tribe they are.”

Via Pure matrimony

Do you agree with this statement?
What problems do we face if we want to marry someone from another culture?
What factors should we consider before marrying someone from another culture?
Share your views.
I Agree completely.

Problems are mostly from parents or close family members that our community boys are better.

Character should be good,in future he will become religious.Somet imes if its someone from family then everything can be compromised because the”mother”or father is good and parents know them.

Not realizing that if the boy is good and on Deen,he would never compromise on Islam and their daughter will have a good life in the world and a good akhirah,in sha Allah.

Culture,communi ty doesnt matter..what matters is the Deen,really ! Not money,not social status,not property..you can adjust with all these things if they are lacking or less…but if Deen is compromised ( deen includes character) it will result in your destruction and the destruction of generations to come.

What should be considered is that the boy doesnt indulge in any form of shirk..he shouldnt hv aqeedah issues.

May Allah grant the elders and parents a good understanding of the Deen that they choose wisely and desire the best for their childrens akhirah and not feed on their ego and culture pride and thus bring harm to a lot of individuals.Ame en

May Allah grant all singles a pious spouse and may He grant sabr to all of us when elders pressure us or when facing trials in such matters.Ameen


I am going to address a topic that is relevant to you now or will be in some time or in future.

*Marriage-a word that invokes different feelings and reactions from youth.

*Some youth consider it to be bad to be married early as they think it will be a hindrance in their life-goals,education,dreams etc.

#Marriage with right intention and person (keep makng dua ) will make it better.As you will be facing less fitna.You wont be tempted to get into or think wrong things. You will gain encouragement,focus and companionship. You will complete half your Deen.

*Majority parents today want to avoid early marriage for youth as they think youth are immature,not ready etc. Islam encourages early marriage to protect individuals,to ensure no dating,haram relationships.Part of the problem-girls sharng pics on websites and wantng attention from men,friendshps break over a boy..etc.

*Around 20 to 23 is good enough.Parents are advisd to keep supportng youth if they are studyng and cant afford education after their marriage.

*Some youth want an early marriage. But parents may not agree. In that case,make dua to Allah to make it easy for you and send the right person along.

*Some youth who start becoming serious about their Deen have difficulties like :

1. Finding a practisng Muslim.Make dua to Allah and He will respond. Focus on being the right woman and Allah will send the right man,in sha Allah.

2.Parents not serious about finding a religiously like minded match.Make dua to Allah and He will respond. Allah alone can change hearts.

3.Sometimes you have someone in mind and you want to broach the marriage topic with that family. What do u do ?

*dont talk to him. I know of a few sisters who do. If you have spoken in writng or fone,let some responsble elder know that.
*Tell ur parents.Might not be easy.Ask Allah to gv u courage.
*If he is from a different community n ur family isnt open to that option.Make dua.Allah can make way where there seems to be no way.
Ur intention shud b right and ur actions shud b right. Then only Allah’s Help will come.
*No matter how much the temptation,dont talk to him.Avoid.
*Direct him to some male family member of yours or someone your parents trust.
*you keep in touch with the female members. Be friends with them. Dont keep talking about him or marriage to all.

#one great difficulty you will face is that inspite of your distance from the haram..people will judge you.Ignore.Keep doing the right thing.Dont argue or explain.It will make things worse.Mischief makers can turn and twist stuff.

#since you have directed him to a male member.Drop hints ,be modest even then.Tell that member in a polite manner of ur intentions.

In the end leave it to Allah after trying your best.
My point is:
*focus on being the right woman.
*abstain from haram.
*expect from Allah alone.
*make dua for all ur needs and wants.
*have good intentions and actions.
*Allah Will make Way where there seems to be no way.
*Allah alone can change hearts.Make dua.
*Make dua at times when dua is answered like when raining,after fard namaz,one third of night etc

Women role

In my opinion,a woman should maintain a balance.

Allah has given us the duty,He is our Creator and knows whats best for His creation and we as women can do the best i.e.in taking care of household duties,kids and family.

Now at the same time,we are slaves of Allah,who worship Allah alone,who should enjoin good and forbid evil.

We should take out time and gain knowledge (every Muslim man and woman should gain knowledge),do what we are good at and develop our talents and skills ,keeping in mind the commands of Allah. We can be role models for kids,youth,wome n folk around and our families.

Often we study and after marriage,it seems that the education was of no benefit. No ! Everything you learnt and went through was for a reason..it was to help you to become what you were meant to be.

I am about to complete my Botany course.I will be starting Counselling in post grads soon,in sha Allah. I want to be a social reformer,in sha Allah. I know its not easy for a woman but no one defined it that it should be changing people in a particular area only.It can be reforming only 1 individual,fami ly,school,colle ge,workplace.Do esnt have to be entire city,state,nati on !

Science taught me how to observe and analyze.Plants taught me about humans.

What I learnt from science-literal ly and from Islamic perspective..I can implement when I become a housewife.

What I learn from counselling,I can implement when dealing with my spouse,in laws,kids and those around me.

Thats how I can utilize my education and develop my talents and skills. Besides that I can organize charity fundraiser,clot hes drive..events for kids and youth… Options are many !

We just need to be opportunists racing towards seeking the Pleasure of Allah and working hard to increase our good deeds like Abu Darda r.a.

Be the change you want

“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”
Barack Obama

We often complain about things,about other people,situations,our life and the list is huge.

But you know complaining wont help.It is not going to solve the problem.

What will solve the problem is :
Vision and Action.

Have a Vision.Dont think short term.Think long term.

Make short term goals.Fulfill them and keep moving closer to the ultimate Goal.

After you’ve decided and planned it out in your mind,Act upon it.

Take small steps,small initiatives and it will reap benefits,in sha Allah.

For instance,you want to stop the discrimination based on race,community,financial status etc. You have to begin from school as a student.You have to fight for the rights of the less fortunate there.

I will share few of my experiences with you all.

I was in class 10 and there was a group of 5 to 6 girls in my class(Group A).They were a little weak in studies,financial status and social status but they were good in many other things.

We had this space with big tables and benches where all of us would have lunch.

I remember it was around November and selections were round the corner.I would prefer sitting alone and having lunch and revising what I had studied at home the previous night.

Just opposite my table,a group of girls (group B ) would sit,who were well off in the areas I mentioned above.

That day Group A came and sat at that table.They were having lunch and all of a sudden Group B comes and demands in a rude and arrogant manner that it is their place and it should be vacated.

*Group B could have sat elsewhere.
*Group B could be polite and request.

The situation turned bad.The language turned bad.I frowned.

I got up from my bench which was enough for 3 people,searched and brought another bench from the nearby tables and requested them to sit at the table where I was seated. I sat with Group A,told them to relax and enjoy lunch and continued my work.

Later,I went to Group B and explained to them that you have no right to speak to anyone like that and 1 girl of Group B,started reminding me about who I was defending.I told her I know I am defending a human being,who was ill treated by you. After much explaination,she apologized.Alhamdulillah !

Few years back,I was travelling in the taxi and somehow I saw one of the girls of Group A,walking on the road,our eyes met and she smiled and waived back.I smiled back.I thanked Allah.

I realized Allah made me do it. I didnt and dont have the courage to face anything. I am a human,I am weak. It had been 1 and half years,since I had started practising when I faced that situation.

That experience gave me courage.Again,in plus 2 and then in College..I saw same things repeated..I felt sad at how people pick on them,make fun of them when they do things in a wrong way.No one wants to pair up with them.

A girl was doing the experiment in the wrong way and instead of helping,they laughed and made fun of her.It made me sad.How dare they ! What gives people the right to behave so rudely.Dont people have feelings!

I told her you could be my partner.And each step I was explaining to her.After everyone left,I sat with her and asked her if everything was ok at home and life.The previous day,one of our Professors-I.S.Ma’am, asked me if that girl faced anything from the class.Before I could say anything,ma’am told me what she had told ma’am. Ma’am,was explaining that if people treat her that way,she could develop problems in future.

When I was speaking to that girl,she was emotional.She said no one wants to hear me.Her batchmates had passed out from college.

*that girl was accused of theft.
*no one had caught her doing wrong.
*if she did,why she did..no one knows.
*people blamed and made fun of her for silly reasons like hair is dirty etc.

If you want to change the world,the people..you have to begin as early as possible and at all places you have access to. You cant wait to join an NGO or group and then do all that.

Also,if you behave like that with people who you think are on the wrong..its going to do more damage. You have to speak to these people,be kind and good to them. Trust them. If they are wrong they will change..if only to keep your trust.Believe me. Help them and be the best to them ,even if no one is.

Now,the benefits are that the person might change.If they dont,you played your part.Thank Allah.Many people will silently observe and admire you.You might never know.Thank Allah,you did what you could.Some will oppose you.Never mind.Thank Allah.It means you did something different.

Be good to all.Remember your purpose and keep doing good.Allah will give you strength when your intention is good.

What should motivate you is the verse from the Quran,”enjoin the good and forbid the evil “.Yes,that is what we are here to do.We the Muslim youth of the Ummah.

Enough of injustices.Enough of pain.

We will not remain quiet.We will not let the evil happen without us opposing it verbally or physically or the least in our hearts.May Allah Help us.Ameen

I wanted to share this with all of you.I am sure,every class,every school,every college and university has this problem.But if you my dear sisters and brothers in Islam,if you are in these places…it is time you become the change that is needed. May Allah give you all courage to stand up.Ameen

Remember,Allah is with you. When you have the Truth with you (keep learning about Islam) you can do anything with His Help. Nothing is impossible for Allah and for one who has Allah on their side. In sha Allah !

3 important lessons i learnt in a day

Alhamdulillah,today I learnt 3 things
and I would like to share with you all:

1.Help yourself by helping others-
The Prophet Muhammad (salallahu
alaihi wa sallam)said, “Whoever
relieves a believer of a hardship from
the hardships of this world, then Allah
will relieve him of a hardship from the
hardships of the Day of Resurrection… Allah is helping the servant as long as
the servant is helping his brother,

[Hadith Tirmidhi /Muslim].

Helping others doesn’t have to consist
of anything grand. Even a smile is
sadaqah.Removing a harmful thing
from the road is sadaqah. Speaking
gentle words to someone in distress,or
feeding a meal to someone who is hungry, or making a donation to help
an orphan… or donating blood, or
working a few hours a month for a
charity, or visiting someone who is
sick… all those things are valuable.
They are not nothing. They are important and worthwhile acts.

I really understood that today.In the
process of explaining and consoling
someone,I received happiness I cannot

2.Bond of sisterhood:
I understood how Islam can unite
people-2 strangers so to say,in the
bond of sisterhood or
brotherhood.How you wish to help
each other and want the best for the
other,Allahu Akbar!

Only Islam,i repeat,only Islam can do that..when you
love and care for someone for Allah’s

Prophet (peace
and blessings of Allah be upon him)
said :”None of you will believe until you
love for your brother what you love
for yourself.”
Related by Bukhari &

3.A dawah experience- How arrogant a human being can be to
just listen to the message !
You may have a strong worldly bond
with that person but in the end
Alhamdulillah,faith is victorious!

How insignificant we are and how we
are in need of Allaah and Allaah does
not need us. That we are just one
person who is a in a city, which is in a
country, which is in a continent which is on a planet, what is in
the milky way, which is amongst an abundance of galaxies and Allaah is
the creator of ALL of that- which just
shows in reality we are just a speck
within a speck within a speck within a
speck !

We’re all weak, SubhanAllaah and Allah
is Powerful.

May Allaah protect us from kibr and
give us the tawfique to be grateful to
Allaah and worship Him Alone.Aameen

Never a waste !

Realize what you want to do with what you do and what you want to become in life..

Everything seems perfect upto class 12-arts,commerce and science.Easy to choose.
We want to pursue a certain subject in bachelors..many get,many dont.

Those who get their choice.Happy and thats future too.
Those who dont get their choice.Somehow 3 years pass.

Many end up thinking..3 years wasted ! Wrong !
Nothing is wasted.

What you ended up with..was meant to teach you and shape you in a certain way..

Dont regret.It wont help.Thank Allah for giving you the opportunity.

Reflect on what you learnt in the 3 years and what you will do with that.

You will realize what you loved,what you are passionate about,what you want to do…you will begin to understand what you should do..

Dont be afraid to do that.By all means,continue studying but be focused in that.Focus on your goals.Make appropriate plans so that everything thats within your control is in place…Reflect yourself,ask those who know you and you trust,Enquire about the courses and then decide what will fit into or be similar to what you want to achieve.

Sometimes what we want to achieve might appear impossible.Nothing is impossible,my friend..if you believe in Allah and do your best.Ask Him,Make dua and He will make way where there seems to be no way.

You are weak and you cant do everything yourself.Allah is All-Mighty,nothing is impossible for Him.

You want to do big things.Do it.Improve your relationship with Him.With the God touch,anything can be done,in sha Allah.
When I shared the reflection on photosynthesis and social change,my teacher shared her reflection.

She was amazed at how plants are so patient and silently carrying out their duty perfectly.

I asked her if she liked thinking like that.
She said,”Everyone studies the same thing and it is structured,mechanical.We have to stand out from the rest.What you study,should help you..you should be able to connect to it and get the essence and enrich yourself.Nothing is ever a waste even if you leave the subject.”

She said,”People who think differently..usually invent things,they do exceptional things.”

She gave this advise ever since,we were in 1st year…

My point of sharing the above:
*This teacher has completed Ph.D and has a lot of experience.She is one of those who emphasizes on getting good marks..but you know whats so beautiful is that she understands each of us..inspite of some of us getting good marks..she told us: Botany isnt for you after this..you are not able to give your heart into it..Pursue what your heart is saying..never mind what the world says.”

*Her emphasis on connecting study with life.I have never met anyone who thinks that way.
May God bless her.

*She loves what she teaches and its apparent.Since 1st year..the diagrams,the way she talks..all showed how much she loved the subject.The reason:she could connect with it and think beyond the text book.

*If you have been studying something for 3 years and realize that it is not what you wanted to do..dont regret..Reflect on what the subjects taught you..It wasnt a waste..

*Realize what you want to do with what you do and become in life..

Everytime I have a conversation with her,I come out inspired by her.Allah has given her such talents.May Allah Guide her always and bless her.Ameen

My reflections

Passing by my favorite place..I saw a tree growing a bit tilted and it was growing on an area where the soil was raised.Most of the other trees were growing on flat land and they were normal.

I was inspired by that scene..

*The struggles will be there as you gain more success ,as your dreams and aspirations become greater. But that is what puts you at a higher level.
*People who dont have high aspirations and goals will remain there in the same place..

Beautiful weather reflections

Beautiful weather !
Looking at the sky.. Stars twinkling -few brightly and few a bit dim.. Clouds near some of them.
Makes weather beautiful !

*At different times,different people shine..
*The struggles (clouds) also make life beautiful.
*Inspite of struggles around,some people keep shining brightly,with Allah’s Help..

Interesting conversation

Alhamdulillah,it is always interesting,good to talk people who have interests similar to yours and age makes no difference. Our family dentist-Dr.Sharma and his assistant,,mom and me..

*Crime petrol and others give wrong ideas to people who might not know much about crimes or want to commit crimes.
Such shows should be banned.

*The t2 paper and all dirty useless stuff,gossip for people..Aunty said in their time they enjoyed productive discussions..I agree with her that t2 is of no use really ! The content,the kind of pictures..shameless !

*Malaysian aircraft missing.

*Politicians are so mean and corrupt. Elections coming up and they dont reflect on their actions..they dont care if riots break out or innocent people die.

*Uncle was sharing the live videos he watched..People who run our country..breaking furniture,hurling abuses,quarrelling.. How can India progress when such people rule the country !

*The bad news is given full coverage whereas
the good news is never made known.

I remember attending a programme where I met a couple from a district in west bengal..and got to know about the hard work and their success in improving their area..

Good news should be given more coverage so that people learn good things and get good ideas..they get inspired and motivated..

Talking about such things may make people pessimists,hopeless,depressed..Dont be !

Be positive.
Be hopeful and have faith.

A lot of good is happening..its just that its not given that coverage..

Look around you..and you will find good things happening..parents working hard to give their kids a good education,a farmer working hard to provide for the nation,a teacher putting in her best to bring out the best in the students,young men and women doing their bit to serve the Ummah and humanity…if you observe,you will find heroes around you..