Job and dawah

If you are a Teacher,make others reflect on the fact that to make the students understand the curriculum/syllabus/text book,a teacher is required,who will answer the questions,explain and make things easy.

A student isnt just left on her own and told to study.Right?A teacher is required.

Similarly,humans are given a manual (Quran),guidelines for covering each aspect of their lives and Allah sent a teacher,a Messenger-Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),to make it easy to show us that it is practical.

If you are a doctor,make others reflect on the fact that even though you are studying and operating on is Allah,Who cures and gives health.No matter how much you try,you cant stop a person from dying nor can you bring back dead to life.

There are so many examples of how people who had no hope of recovering,became healthy and there are so many normal,healthy people suddenly developing diseases,disorders and cant be cured by doctors.Allah has control over life and death.

If you are a designer (fashion/interior) make others reflect on the fact that the finer details are so important and how those finer details makes each piece stand out from the other.

Allah has created things so perfectly.There are so many finer details and this makes one stand out from the other.Each one is unique.

If you are a scientist,make others reflect on how this world-the plants,animals,humans, cant be a product of a Big Bang or evolution from simple chemicals or monkeys to complex cells or humans.

Allah created humans,plants and animals.When asked about a robot,we say it is created by man.When asked about humans,we say it is a result of evolution and that too from monkeys!