Allah knows

Allah !

There is No One who will understand you as well as He will.

No one knows what you intend,what you do,what you plan,who you are.

No one will completely understand.

Have faith in Allah.
Know that He knows.
He knows what is in your heart.

He will not misjudge you even if the whole world might make up their mind about you.

Know that He is near and will Respond to your prayers.

Know that He is Al-Wudud,the Loving God.

Know that He sees your tears even when the whole world only sees your smile.

Know that He Loves you.He knows who you are.

Know that He will respond,He will respond.

Be honest and sincere.
Keep your duty to Him.
Be particular about the Fard and try hard to follow the Sunnahs.
Have the best of manners.Be kind and respect everyone.
Do voluntary fasts and prayers.
Make Dua.

Above all,Seek Help through Patience and Prayer.

May Allah Help.Ameen


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