Women being financially independent article and views

Ma sha Allah,Very well explained !

*As educated women want their education,skills and talents to be utilized and not wasted..the best thing to do in my opinion is to use all that-education,talents etc in managing home,family,upbringing kids and serving society.

*A family is the smallest unit and if a woman can focus on bringing change and transforming this unit ..it will be a big contribution to the world. Also,if you want a child..you need to focus on the upbringing as in my opinion the best contribution a woman and man can make to the world is a healthy and pious kid.

*Moreover,the money that a woman earns..she will feel satisfied if she can also give charity and help people..

*This segregation of roles,responsibilities of the two genders by Allah has great wisdom..It results in an organised and peaceful life for the family..Just like to put up an event,the duties are divided among all team members to ensure efficiency and success..Similarly,the spouses are like a team and both should be clear about their roles.Both should help and encourage each other in fulfilling the roles.

http:// http://www.onislam.net/ english/family/ your-society/ gender-and-socie ty/ 468863- do-muslim -women-need-fin ancial-independ ence.html

I said what I said,without any regret and I feel confident about it,Alhamdulillah..

I have seen and observed and heard stories of people around me-professionals,housewives and I am yet to see or meet or know a woman,I described.May Allah make me one.Ameen.

I have seen how full time working women want kids and how they struggle to manage kids,home,education and career..My message to such women: You might get that degree and the child..But years down the line you will regret and feel the guilt..If only I had given my child more time..and you wont be able to change much ..it will be too late..

Also,I have seen women who gave full time to kids and the kids are doing so well today..now men with families and serving society..the mother is also doing well and Ma sha Allah,so proud of her sons.

May Allah bless the family.

Women need to be occupied with productive and beneficial things..Not sit idle,waste time,attend parties,shopping,Tv etc..Thats not the option..!

Women need to keep learning too,developing their skills and serve the society and try and involve the family.It will be a means of earning more reward for her.In sha Allah