Quran is amazng

SubhanAllah ! The Quran is an amazing Book ! It IS the Book of Allah !
Earlier I would just read arabic..then I started reading translation..then bit of Tafsir..
But really the most interesting part is the Arabic-to understand the Quran and the background ..how beautiful !
Was reading the Tafsir of Surah Fi’l by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan.. And was pondering upon the fact that how relevant is the Quran to all times and all people..
Ya Allah,please grant us understanding of this Book and Help us to act upon it.Ameen
“Oh Allah, increase my desire for the Quran, and make it a light for my sight and a cure for my chest (i.e. heart and what contains it).Oh Allah beautify with it my tongue (i.e. what I say of words), ..and perfect my voice with it…And give us, as rizq, [the chance] to recite it with submission to You throughout the night and during parts of the day.”
(Dua by Qari Ismet)