How can people live a dull,boring,depressing life ?

People-youth and adults-often complain of a monotonous life.

I wonder how people can live that way.

If you have challenges,if you have something new to discover,to learn..something to change,to improve-yourself or society,at whatever level..there will be an enthusiasm to face life,to live,to enjoy every moment.

And for this you dont need wealth,a social status etc.

You need determination,hard work,enthusiasm..

Life takes on a different meaning.You begin to enjoy each moment,you begin to live a life of purpose,a vision.

Life will not be boring.

Incase you find a certain situation boring..try hard,think and find something positive,something challenging to be able to face it.

Never give up and say life is not worth living.

If life is not interesting,make it interesting in a halal way.
If people around you live that way,help them and make life interesting and exciting for them.

Such a positive and optimistic behaviour is contagious..! Why not spread it ?


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