Salah just do it

I was coming out of the College Library and while I was keeping the books in my bag,a maid who cleans toilets asked me,
“How do you pray (perform Salah) in College?”
I told her: “Alhamdulillah,Zuhr in my class during Break time and Asr in the Botany Lab.”
She was sad that she missed her Salah everyday.I suggested we pray together during break in some class on the floor she works..
She prayed one day with me and I have a feeling she is facing trouble from other sources.
Ma sha Allah,she was sad that she was missing her Salah..!
She wanted to pray but she couldnt..
Now,why did I share this incident with you all ?
When she asked me,I was thinking how I could help..
I reminded myself that I am a Muslim and this was a Dawah opportunity..
Also,the realization that she was my sister in Islam ..This was
Allah’s Mercy on me !
I see how people avoid them and talk rudely to is sad..
Remember,there is no discrimination in can be better than someone in worship and faith and no other reason..
Her sadness for not being able to pray ..
Brothers and Sisters,
how many of us miss Salah while in College,Workplace,Markets ?
You have to have the determination that you will not miss it..
You will have to take out time by making a few adjustments..
Find a place where you can pray and ask fellow Muslims to join..
If there is some issue with doing Wudu,do tayyamum..
No excuse to miss Salah !
Do not hesitate to pray in front of others..
Be careful that you do not show off in prayer and also do not be afraid..
You have nothing to fear as long as Allah is with you,in sha Allah !
May Allah Guide us and help us to establish Salah,to develop Khushoo in Salah,to enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil.
May Allah Bless and Guide that sister and make it easy for her to pray.Aameen
If you wish to share any experiences or incidents related to the above ,pls go ahead..i will be glad..
Jazak Allahu khairan !


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