(Umpires on right and left and centre-Sports sir)

Allah is Great..


At the end of 3 years..finally ..the efforts bore fruit with Allah’s Help and Mercy..

The 1st Cricket tournament in the history of Shri Shikshayatan College,a girls college..

I thank our sports sir,Mr.Mitra,who encouraged not to give up..the world needs gentlemen like him who motivate women..Really !

Our umpires,P.T.U sir and Ayon sir..for their effort,making things easy and giving their time on a Saturday..

All my team mates..i love you people..for giving your 100%.. outplayed us in the 1st match by 7 runs but with B.B.A it was awesome..
Ma sha Allah !

The win by 31 runs..and the last pair Ritika and Jyoti (jr) you were mind blowing..we were worried about you two but you made us proud !

Jyoti (Sr) i loved batting those 2 overs with you ..J M Jodi JAM ke khelte hai..

Personally,2 wickets in 1 over (c&b) and 1 caught by fielder and 2 catches as wicket keeper in a match..that edge wala specially..i enjoyed batting (none of us know our score! ) bowling and wicket keeping ..i love cricket !

Annesha,i will never forget the comments..when i was bowling..and shotti..nije ke motivate korchilish when you were bowling..!

Jyoti (Sr) your bowling ,Urfa your fielding and batting..Alhamdulillah,i can always depend on you to stabilize a situation..and ma sha Allah,you seem to make your partner like you !
Even ILEAD mein..

Upasna,you are swift !
Fatima you were good..

Pinaki ,i enjoyed being the scorer with you for the BBA/B.COM match…we learnt so many things..

Akansha and friends..i enjoyed playing against you..Will cherish the opponents in inter stream and team mates in college team..

All my friends,may Allah keep our friendship as long we benefit each other to grow as humans and enjoin good..

This tournament was not played in a competitive spirit ..and it was played with modified rules to ensure that its established this year..and in friendship..

Since its easier for coming batches to continue a thing than to establish it..thats why i was keen to start this year..

My juniors,I pray you continue it in the years to come..May Allah Help you..

Though this would be my last year and I cant play next year..I am glad and grateful to Allah..that it happened..and I pray Allah accepts the effort..I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity..for the role of being the captain of college team and M.A/B.A/ team..Alhamdulillah !

Nothing is impossible for a comes in ways you cant think of..intentions should be correct..never compromise on your Deen..

And Even when you feel like giving up thinking of the effort involved..Dont !

And the strange thing is that during those times..somehow Allah will make something happen to motivate you..

I pray to Allah to Forgive all my sins..if I have wronged anyone in my team or the opponents in words or actions..or if my intentions varied..

May Allah make us,the Muslim youth role models for the Ummah..may Allah Help us to enjoin what is good and to forbid what is evil..




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