Sad reality change it

In the last few weeks,I have had long interesting conversations with a lot of youth coming from different backgrounds,culture,religion,departments..Alhamdulillah !

On one side,there is the media that is trying to manipulate the minds of the youth and on the other hand,the elders and parents blame them and complain about them.

The youth have problems,issues that no one is willing to understand or solve..
Hence,they are the victims of the negative forces and the positive forces dont make enough effort to help and guide them and so they go astray,they become frustrated..

If they tell their friends,they don’t really get a wise,balanced opinion and advise.

If they tell their parents or elders,they are scolded and restrictions are imposed on them.

The psychologists and counsellors charge a fee not every youth can afford and they want to be alone when sharing the problems which is not possible in majority cases.

The media,bollywood,hollywood,story books,internet seems like a solution or perhaps a distraction to keep them away from thinking.

But it doesn’t work.

At the end of the day,it is a failure..
The problems keep piling up..situation out of control and this leads to many problems prevalent among the youth today-drug addiction,depression,suicides and many others..

There seems to be no hope and no purpose for these youth..

They try to find out..solve the problems themselves or become indifferent or develop strange negative personalities.

We need youth counsellors and psychologists who are counsellors and psychologists not because the “subject” is interesting or payment is good or it is an upcoming career..
But those who care for humanity,care for the youth-leaders of tomorrow,who give sincere advise,charge a nominal fee.

Individuals who are God fearing,selfless,compassionate,sincere and do it for God’s Sake.

Brothers and Sisters,if you are one such individual,it is time you sacrifice for humanity,for the Ummah..and benefit mankind for Allah’s Sake..
Sacrifice your desires,time,energy and talent..
Study and Practise it.

If you study and practise,you could make your own group and train others and it can be very beneficial,in sha Allah.

It has been an eye opener and I realized it is a universal problem and someone needs to take the 1st step to do something like this and others will follow,
in sha Allah.

Degree or no Degree,
Fame or no Fame,
High Salary or low salary..
Doesn’t matter !

Once you make up your mind to do something for Allah’s Sake,
Do not Step back,
Work hard.

Have faith.
Put your Trust in Allah and Do your Best.

Allah will Help.
Allah will find a way where there seems to be no way.

Don’t give up !

The Ummah needs you,O young people !
The world needs you,O Muslim Youth !

Remember An nawawi’s hadith no.7-Religion is Nasihah and 1 category is Nasihah to common folk.

Dear young people,
Allah is with you.

Your Guide is Quran and Sunnah.
Your way of Life is Islam.
Your motivation-Jannah and Allah’s Pleasure !

May Allah make us of those who help and give sincere advise to others.

May Allah instill in our hearts,love for Him and His Deen..
May Allah instill in our hearts the love for the Ummah and the whole world so that we can benefit them as much as possible.


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