Friday reflection 3

My Reflections:

Dear young people,
Surah Kahf has one of the most inspiring stories of Seven young men of the Cave..the story just like other stories in the Quran is us the youth especially.

Today,we’re living in the time of fitnah and during these times,we need people of motivation.The story of Seven “young” men of the Cave is a motivation for us,the youth.

Just like the times then,the king and the people at that time..we have such people,the media and others today,who are trying hard to make us disbelief,to commit sins,to do things that Allah has prohibited ..(illegal sex,music,dance,gossiping,slandering,etc)

It is a big challenge to survive without being affected/influenced and protect our Eeman.

But don’t worry.Allah has sent the Quran..its contents,stories,Allah’s Laws-are for people of all types and times..

Times may change but mans disposition,his nature doesn’t..! Only the practises are given more sophisticated terms !
(What people did in the past,it is happening today-Sodomy,cheating and dishonesty in business,robbery..)

Allah is so Great and so Merciful that He hasn’t left us without Guidance..the Quran is the Book of Guidance.We need to apply and practise what Allah has commanded us to do,then only will we be among those who are guided and successful.

So,if there is pressure from all around,challenges,threats..Take it up..say:”I have Allah,Allah is with me,Allah is my Help.”

Stand up for the Truth,Believe in Allah,the One True God and strive in His Cause and say what the young men said:
“Our Lord ! Bestow on us mercy from Yourself and facilitate for us our affair in the right way.”

Abstain from the fitnah,don’t stay there to let it pollute you.
Resist it,Try changing it first but if you see it is threatening your Eeman,don’t stay.

For example,you’re sitting in a class,room,gathering,group, where you find people slandering,gossipping,wasting time,discussing haram stuff-either tell them politely that it is bad manners or try diverting the topic or you move out or away from the place,the group..If you don’t have that courage,then start doing something that will take away your attention from all that.

Dont just sit,smile,nod,enjoy or pretend to enjoy !

You dont need to please anyone except Allah !

When you believe in Allah,when you believe that Allah will protect you,when you try hard to abstain,Allah will Help.

When you begin to stand up for the Truth,to enjoin good and forbid evil,you’ll see..
You’ll see for yourself,Allah will make your heart firm and strong and give you the courage to stand up against evil,just like the young men did.
“Our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth,never shall we call upon any ilah (god) other than Him;if we did,we should indeed have uttered an enormity in disbelief.”

Dear youth,
If you want to be successful,really successful then you have to believe..
Believe in Allah and by believe I dont mean just saying the Kalimah and “try” to pray 5 times,try to fast,try to do this and have to do the Fard.
You have to believe that it is Allah,Who is the Most Powerful,All-Mighty and so even if the whole world was to come together to harm you or benefit cant harm or benefit you unless Allah has Willed it for you.

So,dont put in that effort to keep on pleasing people.No !

Believe that it is Allah,Who Provides,Who ask Him for what you need,for what you want..

Believe that it is Allah,Who is All-Knowing,All-Aware-that all your actions,words,thoughts and even intentions-all are monitored by Him and recorded by His Angels.
So,dont be carefree,dont waste your time,dont abuse no matter how “cool” it might seem..
(You want to do what is “cool” and you forget the “hot,blazing Hell Fire”)

Dont worship anyone except Allah..He alone is worthy of worship (it will give you the strength that the great people-prophets,Sahabahs,heroes of Islam had)

Dont fear anyone except Allah (fear to disobey Him and fear His Punishment).

Dont bend or break down to any pressure or anyone.

Dont compromise on the morals,on your Deen-it covers all morals and is beyond and greater than humanity,Subhanallah !

So,if you practise Islam,if you obey Allah,follow the Quran and the ways of the best of mankind-Muhammad pbuh,you’ll be truly successful.

Successful,not the way the world thinks but what they want..

To have eternal happiness,beauty,success ! To be among the Dwellers of Paradise !
To be saved from the Hell Fire.

The world will come to admire,respect you (even if they dont tell you)
You’ll be a role model,an inspiration,a true leader !

Leading people to the Truth,to the Justice of Islam,to the vastness of Akhirah,in sha Allah !

May Allah Guide us and keep our hearts steadfast upon His Deen.Aameen.

Without ALLAH,Life is Not Worth Living,
With ALLAH,Life is Worth Dying for.

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