Death of a loved one.

We hear the news and we’re shocked.

How could it be so sudden? How could he die so soon? How could it happen to him ?

The truth,the reality is death can come to any of us,anytime.

And we are not preparing.We are not preparing for our Akhirah,for the Afterlife that Matters.

We spend all our life,our time,our energy hoarding wealth,sacrificing for our families and when death comes,you leave behind that wealth you hoarded,that family you loved and sacrificed for..and the only thing that accompanies you are your deeds.
And we dont pay attention to that.

We live in the world as if the only things that matter and we should worry about is earning,living a comfortable life,good career,big house,big car,social status.

But you know without these grand and comfortable things you can still survive and the life on Earth will pass.

But if you are not doing anything for your Akhirah,your Afterlife,then we are in for Eternal Failure,Eternal Guilt and there wouldnt be another chance,to come back and repent.No !

The death of a loved one is once again a reminder that this world is temporary and Akhirah is permanent. Your Eternal Abode is either Paradise or Hell !

Everything in this world is temporary.Wealth and children are adornment.This worldly Life is an amusement and play.

Let us make a sincere effort and make dua to Allah,to make everything a means to improve our Akhirah-our parents,spouses,kids,wealth,talent and all resources.

Be obedient to Allah,dutiful to parents,good to His Creation..even if you dont feel like it.

Coz only in Obeying Allah and His Messenger will you be successful.

Dear brothers and sisters,realize this..Allah alone has Control over everything-the Sun,Moon,Stars,trees,birds,mountains,heavens,earth,angels..everything Obeys Him and you cant even control an insect’s activity or the people around you.

Realize your weakness and the Power and Greatness of Allah,your Creator and my Creator.

Your loved one has died.
You cry.
You leave him in his grave,bidding him farewell from this Duniya and making dua that the stages to come next-questioning in the grave and thereafter-that Allah makes it easy for him.

And now what ?
The dead cant go back.You can.So dont lead the same life-sinning,disobeying Allah,doing haram.Make changes in your life.Discard all that displeases Allah.

May Allah Guide us and Help us to lead purposeful lives,not get distracted by the Duniya and make the Akhirah,our priority.Aameen


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