Dawah and youth

“And I have seen sincere Muslim youth who studied at colleges of medicine, engineering, agriculture, or literature, or at other liberal arts and scientific colleges, and who were doing well and even very well, but then left to dedicate themselves to the work ofdawah[calling people to Islam] and guiding others, even though their work in their specialties are of the fardh al-kifayah [jobs that are obligatory on a certain percentage of every Muslim community according to Islamic law, for example every Muslim community should have enough physicians, engineers, etc.], jobs that if not done the entire community is harmed, even though they can make of their specialties an`ibadah(good deed) and jihad if done properly, with the right intent, and with regard to Allah’s laws.

And if every Muslim left his or her job today then what would happen to Muslim interests?

The Prophet pbuh was sent when his Companions worked at various occupations, and he never asked anyone of them to leave his job to dedicate himself to dawah.”

So my dear brothers and sisters,

Study the Sciences,Medicine,Engineering, History,Geography,Languages,Psychology and others and figure out how you can merge them with islamic knowledge to serve Allah’s Deen and to help the Ummah.

Make it a dawah opportunity.

(I will soon share an article explaining that,in sha Allah)


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