Parents joy

Alhamdulillah,i t is so beautiful to see the pride and joy on a mother’s face because her child did well in something.

Today,I witnessed that when a girl who was reading the introduction and conclusion..her mother and grandmom came and told that they didnt know that their child had the talent and were surprised and happy to hear her speak well.Ma sha Allah. That goes for all the kids who spoke or acted today,ma sha Allah.

I pray that Allah makes each one of you,a role model and a responsible muslim youth. May Allah Help you to derive inspiration from the lives of Sahabahs you spoke about..about the heroes of Islam.. Aameen

Shomail,Atufah, Sara,Anas,Sunan ,Yusuf,Shaheer, Hafsa,Hamnah,Hu ssein,Rehan,Aff an,Zara,Saad,Am na,Iqra,Haris.


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