My Life

Today,I am going to share an incident with you all that changed my life .

I was in class 10..In 1st term,I had got 39 in physics and in the rest of the subjects in 80s and 90s.

I went to my physics teacher and told her,”Miss, I dont know why i am not able to like physics and cant do well in it.”

She told me”it is ok dear..not everyone can be good in everything.”

She said”I wasnt good in history,I couldnt do well and for you its physics.”

I told her ,”no miss,you tell me,how can I do better and I want to do better.”

She said,”then you will have to work very hard.”

That day,that place,that time,that moment is so well etched in my memory.

I was hurt for a moment and then I told myself,”Miss thinks I cant.It is a challenge.I will prove it to her.”

Today,when I look back..I thank Allah for that teacher,that moment,that situation.

I began preparing for selections.I brought a guide book where the questions were repeated and solved it several times.Alhamduli llah,got 75 in selection.I went and asked Miss for her comments and guess what she said ?”You can do better.”

But believe me that challenge taught me to take a lot of things in life as a challenge.

And I enjoy them,Alhamdulil lah.

Sisters and brothers,Never, never give up on things that matter..things that will benefit you and the Ummah.

If the people say,the society says,the world says”It is Impossible.”

YOU go and show them It Is POSSIBLE.

Be a Leader.
Be confident.

Believe me ..go out with this attitude and see for yourself,how you will change things and bring change wherever you go.

Place wont matter.People wont matter.

What matters is you are a person who has vision and you want to bring change.And you have Islam.

What will matter is a Muslim brought change and that is what we are here to do..

Remember the words of Rabi ibn Amir,

When Rabi` ibn `Amir entered the court of Rustum, the Persian leader, asked him: “What brought you here?”

Rabi` said: “Allah sent us, and He brought us here in order to lead whom He wills from the worship of man to the worship of God alone; from the narrowness and oppression of this world to the space and abundance of the hereafter; and from the injustice of other religions to the justice of Islam. He has sent us with His religion of His creation, to call them to Him.”

Allah has sent us and called us”the best nation”and those who”enjoin good and forbid evil”in the Quran.

You are a leader.
You are going to lead the Ummah and show the world the beauty of Islam,the best way of life and help and benefit them.

Alhamdulillah,B urooj has played a significant role in giving me the confidence I needed,the pride of being a Muslim youth.

Alhamdulillah,I started enjoying being a Muslim youth with a purpose in life and a set of duties and responsibilitie s to fulfill to God and His Creation-be it a tree,an animal,a human..anything ..!

You have to keep striving..may be you cant manage to achieve all that you planned but believe me Allah has Plans and they are the best.Moreover,A llah is the Most Merciful,He judges us based on our intentions,the hard work we put in.Allah is Great.

You just take the 1st step.Make dua.
Change Yourself.

Be the Change and you will bring change.

And that doesnt mean you will have to show stats to the world that you changed this or that or so many people.

Change will happen and you might not know instantly or not at all.

But the goal is achieved.
It could be that a kid or an adult was inspired by you,silently and they benefitted and they in turn benefitted others.

It continues and how satisfying and beautiful it is..that it all began with one individual who didnt give up hope..who trusted Allah and kept trying.

May Allah make me and all of you,my young brothers and sisters..true leaders of this Ummah..

May Allah Help us to bring change,not for money,status,po wer,show off..but to attain His Pleasure and to benefit mankind for His Sake.

May Allah Help us to tranform ourselves,the society and the world around us.

May Allah make us role models of this Ummah,who derive inspiration from the prophets and Sahabahs and do our best and live and die for the Sake of Allah,working for His Cause and His People.


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