#If it is important enough to you, you will find a way. If it is not, you will find an excuse.

That goes for Salah,Hijab for sisters,Beard for brothers,and all aspects of Deen and practising it.

May Allah make Islam and the Akhirah our priority.Aameen

#Every time we read an article and think the article is nice or the person is nice..we need to understand that it is Allah’s Deen that is Beautiful ..that Allah is Great..that what is written is part of Islam or the talent given by Allah to that person..

Allah has made the Deen so easy,practical and beautiful.

Alhamdulillah !

#At the time of prophet Muhammad pbuh,the masajids made people strong and beautiful ..Today people are making the masajids strong and beautiful !

#Today,the youth have so many issues and no one is willing to hear or address them..

Since adults/parents do not make an effort to understand them and address their issues,they end up talking to the wrong people who do not care a bit for the future of this young person,who has the ability to transform the world.

Thus,the youth ends up at pubs,discos at night-drinking, dating,taking drugs.

Dear adults/ parents,please make an effort to:

* know what your youth thinks,wants..
*understand his goals..
*help him/her find someone who would be compatible with him/her and who would think and want the best for him/her and enjoin good and forbid evil.
*be a companion.
*dont tell them.Show them.Be role models.
*Instill Islam in their lives and help them implement.

Every time I hear a girl complain-Muslim or non-Muslim in college..I wonder and advise her to make dua.Dua is the only thing that can change the situation even though it might seem hopeless.

You have to trust Allah !
That whats best for you,will come to you and at the right time.

Until then,have faith in Allah,make dua,you be good and pious.

I will be sharing articles on the issues which I feel my young sisters and brothers are facing..

With the intention of:
*making adults aware
*letting the youth know that their problem is known

In sha Allah !

May Allah Help and Guide me and all of you.Aameen


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