Burooj heroes of islam

Burooj programme:Heroe s of Islam

The speech:

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Role models have an important role to play in the development of the societies of the world today. Role models affect the lives of people around the world.

Due to television, radio,the internet..movie stars, sportsmen, musicians and politicians, have become role models.

And so Muslims start thinking that if they practise Islam,they will not be successful.

For this reason,the students of Burooj al-Jaza will brief you on the Heroes of Islam.

For us,as Muslims, our history is full of real heroes.

The heroes of Islam share two very special traits:
1.they trust Allah.
2.they work hard to Please Allah.

A Muslim hero knows that this life is temporary and it is a means to the eternal life in the Hereafter.

Kids spoke about heroes of Islam :

I wish to be like Muadh ibn Jabal r.a..Be people smart.
Do Dawah.

I wish to be like Zubair ibn Awwam r.a.
Love Allah.Love Rasulullah.
Love Islam.
Dont be shy to be Muslim.
Be confident.Be Muslim.

I wish to be like Saad ibn Waqqas r.a.Learn archery.
Shoot a dua,stand at night to get it accepted.

I wish to be brave like Ali r.a.
Defend Islam.
Ride a horse.
Be a man of action.

I wish to be like Bilal r.a.
Give the adhan.
Call people to Salah.

I wish to be like Umm Salama r.a.Make dua for better when calamity strikes.

I wish to be like Fatimah r.a.
Be modest.
Work hard.
Dont complain.

I wish to be like Aisha r.a.
Learn and teach Islam.
Ask more.Know more.

May Allah Help us,to instill in ourselves,and our dear ones,the qualities that these heroes of Islam have,so that Muslims may once again take their proper place, and play an important role in human civilization and history.Aameen .

JazakAllahu Khairan.


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