When you truly love someone, you never want to waste their money.

If you truly love Allah, you will not be wasteful of His blessings.

We waste the blessing of intelligence in plotting evil against people,slandering people, committing shirk and biddah in various disobeying Allah !

We waste the blessing of wealth in parties,drinking,haram entertainment.

We waste the blessing of good health in striving for the Duniya only ,while completely ignoring the Akhirah,by not striving for it..missing Salah,not
fasting,not doing ibadah !

We waste the blessing of free time by sleeping excessively,watching tv,listening to music,hanging out and doing nothing !

We waste the blessing of education by just making it a means to earn,show off and lead a comfortable life and forgetting the less fortunate and not really benefitting people and not making it a form of Dawah.

Allahu Akbar!

We waste the blessings..and imagine inspite of us wasting His Blessings..

He still Gives,He still Provides !

Ya Rabb ! How ungrateful we are and how Great,Merciful,Loving You are !

Ya Allah,please make us Grateful slaves of Yours.
Ya Allah,Help us to utilize our health,wealth,free time,youth,our life and all our talents and resources to Please you and to benefit the Ummah and mankind for Your Sake.Aameen


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